2019 Speaking

April 1st: Lecturer, "Addressing Hebrew Israelite Beliefs." Ratio Christi, UNCG.

April 8th:  Lecturer, "Addressing Queer Theology." Ratio Christi, UNCG.

April 11th: Panelist, "Transgenderism and Christianity." God and Sex Forum, UNCG.

April 13th: Guest Speaker, Triad Mega Women's Conference. Mebane, NC.

April 13th: Guest Speaker, "Are We Erasing Human Sexuality," Southern Evangelical Seminary, Charlotte, NC.

July 2nd -July 6th: Workshop Speaker, Church of God in Christ Auxiliaries in Ministry (AIM) Conference. World Missions Department.

Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL.

July 9th:  Speaker, Youth Apologetics Conference. "Reaching My LGBTQIA Neighbor." Charlotte Christian School, Charlotte, NC.

July 31st:  Theology Matters with The Pellews 

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 October 11th-12th: Speaker, National Conference on Christian Apologetics, Calvary Church, Charlotte, NC.


November 8th-9th: Guest Speaker,

Iglesia Jesus Rey de Gloria
Ministerios Visión de lo Alto

Summerville, SC